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flexible and long term support

Most of the regions we are aiming at, have suffered from severe insurgencies that resulted in societies where a healthy social fabric has disappeared. And as the economy cannot kickstart without mutual trust in society, we have a long term perspective, always adjusting our activties to the rapidly changing environments.

Current support

Agro Service Centers

In Northern Uganda we focus on farmers and households who are still recovering from a long internal conflict.

The majority of the population consist of the ususal households. We established a couple of AgroServie Centers in relevant markets and villages where we provide smallholder farmers and households with good quality inputs and advice.

Farmers resource Center

Purpose of the FRC is to be a farmers’ resource centre where smallholders and other households can learn. In order to achieve this the FRC is a place of learning with well chosen and maintained demo fields, hospitable in receiving, guiding and training visitors, with relevant documentation.

Support to long term local initiatives

Where we normally focus on our own initiatives, we started to support promising local initiatives in Arua. We are actively seeking for partnershps with people who have the same long-term commitment as we have. We are, for instance piloting such a partnership with the Fransican brothers who devote their life to the poor in remote areas.

(Un)conditional cash transfers

Mainstream development agencies spend a lot of time and money on "Monitoring and Evaluation". In practice they often haven't got a slightest idea whether the "interventions" had any sustaining impact.
We believe, people themselves can best define what is in their own interest. That's why we started a pilot initiative, together with our director Uganda mr Theo Groot to (un)conditionally support women in the village of Kayunga, Uganda with a small amount per week for a certain number of years.
Direct money int the pocket. Of course this sounds a bit scary, but we stay in close contact with them, discussing what they have achieved and stimulate them to invest in small, but sustaining investments.